This is 'EXETER'. The scripted crime podcast that I worked on the dynamic captions and animation for - to turn an audible show (available on iTunes) into a visual show to be presented on the Sundance Now streaming platform.

I took a lot of the elements that I'd used throughout the 6 episodes and collaged them together using Cinema 4D and After Effects, to create journey around the map of Exeter, presented as a detectives investigation board.

"EXETER is a gripping crime mystery that follows a veteran detective, Colleen Clayton (Jeanne Tripplehorn), as she is forced to reconcile the errors of a past case when a woman she convicted of murder is exonerated after 10 years in prison. Detective Clayton struggles to keep the trust of her department as a series of grisly and ritualistic murders rock her decaying South Carolina town, putting her at odds with her ambitious partner, Lester Pruitt (McKinnon) as they race to put the pieces together.
EXETER, produced by Insurrection Media, is executive produced by Ronnie Gunter, Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, Jordanna Fraiberg and Deborah Henderson and directed by Gunter. George Ducker and Ronnie Gunter co-wrote all six episodes. Icemen Audio (Evan Menak, Michael Capuano) is responsible for the sound design and mixing. The dynamic captions were created by Paul Cooper." 

Dynamic Captions, Animation & Title Sequence: Paul Cooper
Music: Ispy music
Production Coordinator: Kay Tinder (Insurrection Media)


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