Taking elements from all 8 episodes of season 2 - this is the updated EXETER title sequence.

The elements were all created in Cinema 4D, then pieced together in After Effects - based on a sketch of "Exeter" provided by Ronnie Gunter, the shows creator.

"A veteran detective (Jeanne Tripplehorn) must face the errors of a past case when the woman she convicted of murder is exonerated after 10 years in prison. Our heroine struggles to keep the trust of her department as a series of grisly murders rock her decaying South Carolina town, which puts her at odds with her ambitious partner (Ray McKinnon) and the department at large. Exeter was created by Ronnie Gunter, written by Ronnie Gunter and George Ducker, and stars Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ray McKinnon." - Apple Podcasts​​​​​​​


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